Space Haven

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A spaceship colony sim placing you in charge of a ragtag civilian crew in search of a new Earth, designed by and for fans of RimWorld. Embark on a space voyage with your ragtag crew of civilians in search of a new home. Build spaceships tile by tile, create optimal gas conditions, manage the needs and moods of their crew, encounter other space-faring groups, and explore the universe in this spaceship colony sim for Windows, Mac, Linux. Order now and get access to the current Alpha within 24 hours as a digital download. Includes all upcoming updates to the game.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Crew heads out for a summer vacation, unofficial modding and what's coming next.
20 days ago – Wed, Jul 03, 2019 at 12:27:50 AM

HSS Destiny Rising created by Anatarist.
HSS Destiny Rising created by Anatarist.

The HSS Destiny Rising, a deep-space exploration and peacekeeping vessel. Crew complement of 10, extensive science and recreation facilities, full industrial capability including 6 mining pods, and dual shuttle bays for maximum effectiveness in ship-to-ship combat. - Anatarist

Greetings, Spacefarers.

First, we would like to say a big thank you to you, our community for keeping up with sending us feedback, reporting bugs and posting these awesome screenshots for us to see =) We are heading out for a summer vacation here in Finland. We contemplated trying to squeeze in an update before the break but ultimately decided against it as it would have lead to a hasty update. We didn't want to shoot out an update in a hurry, cutting corners and risking things breaking badly and then being unable to fix them as our crew are heading out for a vacation.

You are probably wondering what we've been working on for the past few weeks. We have been working on an overhaul to the resource system in Space Haven. While the current one has been working to a degree, we felt the resource tree needed to be worked over a bit to bring some more depth to the game and make new resources/products possible. This upcoming update will introduce new resources and facilities to the game, and the resource tree will become more fleshed out.

Click on image to inspect more closely.
Click on image to inspect more closely.

Take a look at this sweet mock-up of the new resource tree! You can click and open up the image to give a closer look. Note that this is not final and might change, but we are aiming to have most of this implemented in the next update.

HSS Orion and HSS Ophelia created by Hrochnick.
HSS Orion and HSS Ophelia created by Hrochnick.

Welcome to the cruise ship HSS Orion: sixteen spacious space-view cabins encircling a lavish garden style open living area that fulfils your every wish. The Orion is ably supported by the humble and functional factory ship HSS Ophelia, which works tirelessly to supply the Orion with everything it needs, always. When the apocalypse comes, don't just survive - thrive! The Orion, your paradise in the stars. - Hrochnick

Awesome looking ship created by Kenji.
Awesome looking ship created by Kenji.

Some cool new features, which will be available in the next update:

  • A new resource tree with new added resources and new facilities.
  • Ability to haul dead bodies and turn dead humans into human meat. If times are desperate...
  • Ability to haul dead alien bodies and turn dead aliens into monster meat. Time to become an alien hunter and sell that sweet monster meat for the best price on the market!
  • General improvements to the UI, such as improved resource categories in storages and ship resource management menus and the ability to customize which resources are shown in the top bar.
  • Backer names imported to the game.
  • So many bug fixes and UI improvements that we lost count!
The HSS Star Helix created by Anatarist.
The HSS Star Helix created by Anatarist.

The HSS Star Helix, headed off in search of a new homeworld. Supports eight crew members in comfort and style along with all the industrial facilities they'll need to settle down when they get there. - Anatarist

Check out the cool colors of our office chairs =)
Check out the cool colors of our office chairs =)

We noticed that we haven't shown a picture of our office in a long time now. Above is a picture of our cool little office, notice the awesome office chairs with unique colors for each of us. Our graphic designer decided to pair up his chair and water bottle with the same color. 

Unofficial modding now available!

One of our community members made his own object by modding the game.
One of our community members made his own object by modding the game.

One of our community member by the name of Anatarist have found a way to allow for some modding of Space Haven and already managed to create some small nifty mods =) As you may or may not know we have our own modding tool planned as well, but it's hard to tell when we will be able to publish a first version of it. Time will tell.

All of this has got us very excited too, it's so cool to see new stuff in the game and we really believe this could help the game become much better in the end. It will help you experiment and it will help us see which features or tweaks make sense to implement in the core game.

The tool is here: 

To chat directly with the creator of the modloader and see if you are interested in trying out the unofficial mods or even modding something of your own we recommend you join our Discord server:

WIP of a fabrics weaver.
WIP of a fabrics weaver.

We leave you with this work-in-progress fabrics weaver.  Thanks for reading and we hope you are enjoying the summer wherever you are! We will be back at the grind soon enough and really looking forward to bring you this next update. 

If you have any questions on your mind don't hesitate to contact us here or through e-mail: - We will be happy to help and answering promptly this week still =)

Stay tuned,

Bugbyte Crew

Space Haven Alpha 2 - The Fleet Update.
about 2 months ago – Wed, Jun 05, 2019 at 02:49:53 AM

Space Haven Alpha 2 - The Fleet Update.

Space Haven Alpha 2 brings an array of cool new features. Let's jump in to them, shall we!

You can now:

  •   Build a Fleet of spaceships - Many new user interface menus implemented.
  •   Select placement of your fleet in a sector - Jump out of hyperspace and surround your enemy.
  •   Salvage almost everything from any derelict spaceship - Introduction of a new facility: The Scrapper.
  •   Sketch your spaceships with a sketch tool - Activate parts of the sketch when you so desire.
  •   Play on macOS without graphic glitch issues - Fixed windowed mode UI issues.
  •   Many more smaller fixes and improvements - Read about them in the in-game main menu patch notes section!

NOTE! Save games from Alpha 1 will not work. Keep in mind before you update =)

Build a fleet of spaceships

Space Haven now allows you to build multiple spaceships to form a fleet.
Space Haven now allows you to build multiple spaceships to form a fleet.

The more the merrier they say! Let's test out this theory. Space Haven now allows you to build multiple ships and form a fleet of spaceships. We've had to redesign and implement some new features to enable this. 

The current implementation allows for a max of 2 very large 2x2 ship grid tile sized ships (Seen in scenario 2) or 8 small 1x1 ship grid tile sized ships. You can of course make a combination of these, and create various other sized spaceships such as 1x2 for example.

The user interface for creating a new ship.
The user interface for creating a new ship.

You can see the user interface to create a new spaceship above. You will be able to select where you want to start building a new spaceship and also the new spaceship grid size. Once the position is chosen you will be able to start building the new spaceship hull. 

You can now select the placement of your fleet as you drop into a sector.
You can now select the placement of your fleet as you drop into a sector.

You can now select the placement of each ship in a sector when jumping out of hyperspace. The same grid system is used to allow you to be able to select where in a sector each spaceship of your fleet goes as you drop out of hyperspace. Setting positions is done with a drag&drop mechanism. 

The new "Prepare for hyperspace jump" User Interface.
The new "Prepare for hyperspace jump" User Interface.

The prepare for hyperspace jump user interface has been redesigned to support multiple ships in form of a list. You'll be able to control preparations from this menu, and give orders to your ships individually. Really happy with the result.


Space Haven now features a sketch tool!
Space Haven now features a sketch tool!

You've given us a lot of feedback and some suggestions. Sketching was mentioned by many of you, so we decided to carry out your wish! Space Haven now features a spaceship sketch mechanism, which you can use to sketch out spaceships right from the start and build up the spaceship little by little. The sketch tools are:

  •  Sketch: Sketch out your ship - Sketches will not be build until you activate them.
  •  Activate sketch: Activates an area of a sketch into an actual plan for hull to be built.
  •  Erase sketch: Removes sketch plans.

We have seen that one of the most beloved features of Space Haven has been the building part of the game. We're super happy about this, because we thought long and hard of where to steer our focus when it came to core features and decided to focus a lot on the actual building part of the game.


You can now salvage almost everything from a spaceship.
You can now salvage almost everything from a spaceship.

We have redesigned how salvage works. You can now salvage almost everything from any spaceship, which has been cleared out of it's crew/enemies and is now derelict. The current implementation has three different scrap recources; Metal scrap, advanced metal scrap and electronic scrap. These might change with time as the game develops.

When you send out your crew to salvage, you won't know exactly how much will be received from each facility on the ship. This is slightly random, and could later on be tied to a skill, such as construction skill for example. You will, however, be able to choose what kind of scrap resources you want the crew to try to salvage from the derelict ship.

The scrap resources can be brought to the Scrapper facility, which is able to refine them back to usable resources.

The scrapper

Work-in-progress image of the Scrapper from our graphic artist screen.
Work-in-progress image of the Scrapper from our graphic artist screen.
Scrapper completed.
Scrapper completed.

A new facility has been introduced to the game. The scrapper is tightly related to salvaging. Salvaging ships will generate various scrap resources, which can be brought to this scrapper facility. Strip a spaceship clean of almost everything and bring it all here to be transformed to usable resources once again!

How to Update

If you're an Alpha backer or higher you can now update the game either through the in-game update mechanism or through the Bugbyte redeem site: 

  •  Method 1: You can use the in-game update mechanism. Launch the game and go to main menu and click Update! (You need to be logged in to Cloud with your account you used to redeem your Reward Code)
  •  Method 2: Navigate to the Bugbyte redeem site and log-in with your account (Created when you redeemed the Reward Code) to grab the newest build: 

Quick patches will probably be needed to get Alpha 2 working in a solid way, we are looking forward to your feedback to implement some fixes and tweaks. The in-game surveys are updated with a few new questions. Feel free to send in surveys again and repeat some requests you've made before if you feel they are particularly important.

Full list of patch notes:

  • Save games are not supported from alpha 1 anymore.
  • Create new ship menu added. You can now create a fleet of ships.
  • Deploy fleet menu added. When dropping to normal space you can move your ships around the sector map. 
  • Sketch tools added. You can now sketch ship hull. When you want the sketch to be built, you can use the activate sketch tool.
  • Hypsersleep chamber is now smaller.
  • Small UI tweaks.
  • Hull breach warnings added.
  • Wall mounted objects now require that the tile in front of them is free. 
  • Hull building view will now show objects that is not constructed yet.
  • Couches now require free tiles at the ends. 
  • Fixed graphic problems on macOS with a retina display.
  • New salvage mechanics. You can now salvage almost everything from a derelict.
  • New facility - Scrapper.
  • You can now multiselect in transfer window when transfering resources between ships.
  • Jump menu overhaul. You can now choose if force work is applied when preparing for jump.
  • Better chance to find new crew members on derelict ships.
  • Refining now produces 1 item instead of 2.
  • Fixed bugs

One of our Alpha players wrote a store about their journey, you can read it below. We would like to see more of these screenshots/video + story combinations. They are really fun to read! =)

Screenshot by Hrochnick.
Screenshot by Hrochnick.

Captain Deacon: 

"Thanks for coming everyone, I know you're all very busy doing... stuff; I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts in getting us here to the end of the galaxy. Your hard work has been very much appreciated and you've done whatever I've asked without any fuss or complaining (except that time you ran around the derelict crying like a little baby, Mariah, not your best moment). 

We've built an amazing vessel together, which is a small miracle when you think about it, considering how much you all hate each other and me, in particular. But that's not all that surprising really when you see the kind of things you get up to: watching people in their sleep, following others into toilets, crapping yourselves whenever you like (looking at you Wiley) and generally being bitchy (no names mentioned,  Jessa) - Sometimes I wonder, I really do. 

Anyway, we've drained the galaxy of all it's resources, mined everything and bought all the water. What we have now is all that's left. In a few days or weeks the power and the water will run out, which means the plants won't grow and we'll run out of food and then the heating will go off and we'll slowly starve and freeze to death. Don't worry though, long before then we'll run out of oxygen and suffocate. A much nicer way to go I'm told. So, once again, thanks for everything; over the time we've been together I've come to regard you all as... people... I.... met... good luck, I think we're going to need it."

The screenshot and hilarious story above was sent to us by one of our Alpha backers, Hrochnick. 

Thank you for reading and being a backer! Your support means a lot to us =)

Space Haven Development Update - DevBlog #26
2 months ago – Fri, May 10, 2019 at 02:06:09 AM

Day 24 of the journey, and Ayla has had enough of Cailyn's crap.
Day 24 of the journey, and Ayla has had enough of Cailyn's crap.

Day 24 of the journey, and Ayla has had enough of Cailyn's crap. The hilarious scene above was posted by one of our Alpha players madbird-valiant on Reddit. Thanks for posting it! Had a good chuckle when we saw it =)

This is the first development blog update after our Kickstarter ended. Prior to this we have already done 25 of them during the development of Space Haven! If you want to read and see older posts of how Space Haven came to be you can do so at our own forums. It can be quite interesting to see the very first screenshots and footage of the game =) The posts aren't in perfect order there, so be sure to check the number (#) when navigating.

Shuttles arrive from running errands. Footage posted by JokerINC on Discord.
Shuttles arrive from running errands. Footage posted by JokerINC on Discord.

One of the things we wanted to achieve with Space Haven was to have complete freedom to let you shape a spaceship of your own desire. We have been looking at your awesome looking spaceship creations and want to sprinkle our development blog update with screenshots of them! The screenshots you will see below are all created by you, our Alpha players.

Screenshot posted by Stuka on Discord.
Screenshot posted by Stuka on Discord.

It was exciting times for us when mid April arrived and it was time to let you hop in on the Alpha journey! It's always a bit nerve wracking to put out a game in any state, as a game developer you're always a bit afraid that the game will not be enough. 

We are only in Alpha phase right now, but we still wanted it to be enough for a solid beginning! It has been a real joy watching you play and post screenshots, discuss different strategies and report bugs. There's been quite a lot of bugs reported. We want to give our thanks to all of you! =) Remember that you can press F11 when playing for an easy way to send us bug reports. Please be considerate when using this feature as it could easily lead to a flood of reports. Check the already known bugs in the same menu to avoid sending duplicate reports.

Screenshot posted by Darklordiablo on Discord.
Screenshot posted by Darklordiablo on Discord.

We are also very positively surprised by how supporting and understanding you have been. Some of you went out of your way to write us positive encouraging feedback, both through our social media channels and through in-game surveys. We have seen them, and it means a lot to us! Thank you!

Millenium Falcon posted by Onebit on Reddit.
Millenium Falcon posted by Onebit on Reddit.

We've been sorting and fixing reported bugs these past weeks, and made some small implementations along the way. Hoping we can focus more on implementing improvements and new features soon!  If you are currently playing the Alpha of Space Haven and finding it hard to understand something, join our Discord and chat with others playing the game too! You will be able to find a lot of help for your own journey.

Screenshot posted by Rob Dee on Discord.
Screenshot posted by Rob Dee on Discord.

You have also sent us a lot of suggestions and ideas! Keep em coming! The best place to submit them is the in-game survey system, which you can find in the main menu cloud section. This allows for the easiest way for us to scroll through various suggestions. You can see the most recent patch notes in the main menu under "patch notes". Be sure to check the news section too, to see if there's an update available.

Screenshot by SirTiller on Discord. He calls his ship the "Fat Frog".
Screenshot by SirTiller on Discord. He calls his ship the "Fat Frog".
That's a nice amount of feedback!
That's a nice amount of feedback!

About the in-game survey

We are not able to answer your submissions, but rest assured we have read them! This is actually one of the best and most efficient ways for us to gather feedback, and see what kind of features are asked for by many of you.

Would be awesome to be able to send you answers but hey, that's what Discord, Reddit and forums are for =) 

Many of you have praised the music in Space Haven, and rightly so! When we started thinking about music for Space Haven we announced it on Reddit and let composers submit their samples for our early alpha demo. Paul saw it, and messaged us. With some back and forth messaging we found a tune that worked, a tune that would later become Nebula Signals. It was a match made in Haven! (Pun intended).

We will be keeping Paul busy, and looking forward to let you hear all the new tracks in the near future! If you want to chat with Paul you can do so on our Discord channel, where he keeps his very own Pauls Music Devlog.

WIP - Something we are working on. The more the merrier =)
WIP - Something we are working on. The more the merrier =)

Here's a little teaser for you of what's to come in the near future! Some type of Minimap perhaps? Maybe! Perhaps not only that, perhaps something more comes with it. The more the merrier they say =)

Late backing is still possible at Bugbyte Store.
Late backing is still possible at Bugbyte Store.

It's still possible for late backing for Space Haven. We have our own store up and running. Unfortunately upgrading a pledge is not possible but getting yourself another level of goodies or letting a friend know of the opportunity to join Alpha is there! 

You can find our store here: 

We are working hard to improve on the game and looking forward to post another update in the near future, stay tuned! =) 

If you have any problems with the game or haven't received your Backerkit invite (Reward Code survey and Alpha Access) please send us a mail to and we will promptly help you!

Space Haven Reward Code And Alpha Access.
3 months ago – Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 01:19:33 AM

We are ready to send out Alpha Access and access to other rewards! We will be using Backerkit to distribute Reward Codes, which you will use to redeem rewards from our own Bugbyte back-end.

You will receive an e-mail from Backerkit with your Reward Code (Within 24 hours)

You should receive the e-mail within 24 hours. Please be patient. (And don’t forget to check your Promotions/Spam folder.) 

Instructions to use your Reward Code (And Access Alpha)

STEP 1: You will receive an e-mail from Backerkit to your survey. Click the button to start. (Please be patient. You should receive the mail within 24 hours. Don’t forget to check your Promotions/Spam folder.) 

STEP 2: Once you have clicked on the link button in the e-mail you receive, the first page will look like above. You can start the survey. Your Reward Code awaits at the end of the survey.

STEP 3: The second page has instructions. Continue by toggling the continue button and then clicking Next: Add-ons.

STEP 4: You'll be able to pick up add-ons here! You may boost us with coffee or become a Video Game Developer, contribute a name for a game to be forever seen randomly floating in the air as Characters play games on the Arcade Machine.

If you don't want to buy an add-on just continue to the next step! You don't need to pay anything additional. 

STEP 5: Finalize your order.

STEP 6: Your reward code awaits at the end of the survey. You will use this code in our own Bugbyte rewards system shown below.

STEP 7: Go to: and Create a new account and login. (You can use your existing Bugbyte Cloud Account if you have one)

STEP 8: Once you have logged in Click "Redeem Key" to use your Reward Code.

STEP 9: Paste your Reward Code and click "Redeem" button. Whenever you receive a new Reward key from us you will be able to repeat this process to receive more rewards!

STEP 10: Once you have redeemed your Reward go to the first page to see what you got! Alpha Crew Members and higher tiers will have Alpha Access available! 

You should now have Access to Alpha! (Alpha Crew Members and higher)

You should now have access to your rewards in the Bugbyte back-end! Remember to check instructions before you submit names for us to review.

Did not receive your Reward Code and it has been over 24 hours?

Be sure to check your Kickstarter e-mail address and check your Promotions and Spam folders. If you can't find it see instructions below.

BackerKit FAQ

1. I did not get my BackerKit email invite. What do I do? 

You can resend your invite to yourself. Go here:, enter your Kickstarter email address, and click on the "Get My Survey" button. You will be sent a new email with a link to your account.

2. I forgot my BackerKit password. How do I get it?

Go here:, enter your Kickstarter email address, and click on the "Get My Survey" button. You will be sent a new email with a link to your account.

3. I want to sign back into, but I don’t remember the email I used for my account. How do I get it? 

It should be your Kickstarter account email. If that doesn’t work, please email and we will help you.

4. I have a question that isn’t covered here. What do I do? 

Go to​ or email us directly at We are happy to help!

Have a great weekend! We are here to help so don't hesitate to contact us through channels mentioned above. And if something goes wrong, don't panic! We will make sure you get all your rewards no matter what.

Massive success! What happens next?
4 months ago – Tue, Apr 02, 2019 at 01:59:23 AM

We've arrived at the finish line! This past month has been amazing and your support has been incredibly validating. We have been crafting Space Haven with love for almost three years now, and we are extremely grateful that we get to continue developing it further. You have made it possible, thank you!

Kickstarter charges cards only now! Be sure to log in and check your payment was successful. If not, backers have 7 days to resolve payment issues before they're dropped from the project. If your payment did not go through you should have a mail from Kickstarter with a direct link to correct the issue. 

What happens now?

We will continue developing Space Haven, and give access to the Alpha build to Alpha Crew Member backers and all higher tiers in about two weeks time.

We will aim to have monthly updates here on Kickstarter to keep all of you in the loop as the game progresses!

Alpha Access - When will it start and how will we get access?

Alpha Access will start around mid April, when Kickstarter has given us the final list of backers. Kickstarter needs about 2 weeks after campaign end to sort this out.

Once we have the information we will immediately send out access to the Alpha build to backers who have chosen Alpha Crew Member or higher. We will send instructions via e-mail around mid April, stay tuned!

How do we get to submit our names?

We will send you an e-mail with access to our backer management page where you can fill in all the necessary information for you to claim whatever rewards you are entitled to.

This will take some time. We will contact you via e-mail, stay tuned!

How will we get the game when it is officially released, and our Steam or GoG keys?

We will send you access via the e-mail address, which is linked to your Kickstarter account. We will also post an update here on Kickstarter to look out for them!

Note that Steam and GoG keys will come closer to the official release. We will keep you posted.

Bugbyte store

We have opened our own store for those who missed this Kickstarter campaign. It will feature most of the same rewards seen here in Kickstarter, but the community goals bonus copy will not be included.

You can find the store here: Bugbyte store

Note! No need to purchase the game again if you Backed us on Kickstarter, the store is meant for those who missed our Kickstarter campaign =)

Updates and Communication

Our plan is to have monthly updates on the development progress of Space Haven. All the way to the official release! We will post updates here on Kickstarter and all of our other channels. Be sure to follow your favorite one below:

If you want to stay up to date on all big events: Subscribe to our newsletter

Find us also on Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

If you have any questions you can always contact us via e-mail here:

We look forward to start this journey together with you.